Official launch of Eco Mosque Standards Awards Scheme

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Faith Associates launches Eco Mosque Standards aiming to improve carbon footprint of Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic Centres across the globe. website launched in the UK


-Faith Associates through its Mosque management training, advice and support work has been working for several years to support Mosques making the step to becoming more eco-friendly.

-The first ever ‘Eco Award Scheme’ launched for Mosques rating their eco-friendliness with bronze, silver and gold.

-The Eco-Mosque project has designed sustainable energy solutions aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of Muslim faith institutions.

-Brought together some of UK’s leading Eco Specialists to develop strategies to reduce effect from climate change from Muslim faith institution.

-Part of the global Beacon Mosque Standards launched in the UK 2018, the eco Mosque standards will highlight best practices from the UK and around the world


It is estimated that there are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today and that is approximating to over 20% of the World’s population. Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic centres across the globe need to ensure they are doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring the sacred institutions are sustainable for the future.

Faith Associates, a non-theological consultancy group specialising in mosque management, strategy, security and planning have launched the Eco-Mosque standards aimed at providing sustainable energy advice and solutions for Mosques and producing the first eco-awards scheme for Muslim institutions globally.

Faith Associates through providing strategic advice, training and support to Islamic faith institutions across the world for over 15 years has been promoting the need for institutions to take urgent steps to improve their carbon footprint for over a decade. Establishing a dedicated eco mosque platform will help provide support to Mosques aiming to become more eco-friendly.

Eco-Awards Scheme

A key feature of the eco-mosque project is the first ‘Eco Awards’ that will help Islamic faith institutions reduce their environmental impact by developing standards they can aim to reach. The Eco awards scheme offers Mosque leadership to rate their Mosque against a set criteria to achieve the bronze, silver or gold rating.

To achieve an Eco Award, visit this page

The Eco Mosque project is a part of the wider Beacon Mosque vision. The Beacon Mosque vision is about creating standards of excellence in Mosques across the world based on achieving 10 standards. The role and requirement of the management of Mosques to ensure the building is actively doing its part in building a sustainable green future is a key component of the 21st Beacon Mosque vision.

Shaukat Warraich, Founder and CEO of Faith Associates & said:

We have been consulting and working with our large network of Mosques to take measures to ensure the institution is sustainable for future generations by introducing relevant eco features.

By developing the Eco Mosque platform, we can have a centralised platform that can help advice and support Islamic institutions become more eco friendly.

The development of the Eco Awards scheme will encourage and increase the number of Mosques taking steps to become more green, the establishment of this quality standard benchmark will help Mosques achieve globally recognised standard related to eco-friendliness and put them on the path to become recognised Beacon institutions. 

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