Faith Associates and Facebook hold first Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online Conference at Facebook HQ

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On the 13th Novemebr 2019, Faith Associates in partnership with Facebook hold the first of its kind ‘Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online’ Conference at Facebook HQ London.


  • Faith Associates in partnership with Facebook in 2017 developed the first Muslim safety guide hosted on Facebook’s safety centre, this guide was launched in Parliament.
  • The conference is the next phase on from the guide, bringing to life the contents of the guide promoting digital citizenship, safety and alerting people to Facebook’s safety tools and resources.
  • Over 100 Muslim pupils and teachers were in attendance from Muslim schools across the UK
  • 15 pupils were chosen to become Faith Associates and Facebook Digital Safety Ambassadors

The conference took place on the 13th November 2019 at the Facebook HQ London with over 100 pupils from 10 Muslim schools present. The conference has enhanced the understanding of a Muslim’s rights and behavioural responsibilities in the online world, improved the understanding of internet safety & promoted the Facebook safety tools and resources available to keep young people safe online. This conference was the next phase on from the first Muslim safety guide developed by Faith Associates and Facebook in 2017.

The safety workshops that made up the conference at Facebook HQ can be delivered in a formal or non-formal education settings. We held three interactive workshops as part of the conference, they covered the key areas relating to digital citizenship, online safety and challenging young people to be aware of various form of hate speech and developing their critical thinking skills & knowledge. The training comes with a set of resources from faith associates and Facebook plus additional guidance.

Introduction to Digital Citizenship + group competition

What is Hate Speech? Real life case studies & group sharing

Facebook Safety Tools and Resources

The role of Teachers in promoting Digital Safety

As part of the conference, Faith Associates selected 15 pupils across the 10 schools to become ‘Faith Associates and Facebook Digital Safety Ambassadors’ for their schools being the point of contact for advice, support and guidance related to digital safety.

Shaukat Warraich, Founder and Chief Editor of Faith Associates, said:

“We are proud to have successfully held the first Keeping Young Muslims Safe Online conference in partnership with Facebook here at the Facebook HQ in London. Following the success and enormous reach of the Muslim Safety guide we did in partnership with Facebook in 2017, this conference workshop is the next step to promoting digital citizenship, digital safety and the tools available by Facebook and Faith Associates in keeping young people safe online. To bring 10 Islamic schools together, over 100 pupils and 12 teachers is a great start and they all contributed greatly to making the day a great success”

“Contextualising the Islamic faith within the fast moving online world is a debate many people are grappling with and we wanted to help to frame the narrative to support young Muslims in their digital journey”   

“We are also proud to have selected 15 Digital Safety Ambassadors from the 10 schools to take the learning from today and carry it on in helping assist their friends become model digital citizens and be a point of contact for support and guidance”

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