Sadiq Khan hosts Mosque security conference in partnership with Faith Associates

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Following the horrific events in New Zealand The Mayor of London hosted a conference with Faith Associates, covering how Mosques can improve their security to keep themselves, and worshippers safe.

Faith Associates hosted over 200 Mosque leaders and committee members at the City Hall, London on the 21st of March 2019 for an event designed to help Mosque leaders keep their worshippers, staff and buildings safe.


 Speakers included The Mayor of London, Chief Inspector for the MET Police Nick Stanley and Detective Inspector for Hate Crime, Kamal Patel as well as CEO of CST and speakers from Beacon Mosques. Al Manaar and Al Madina.

Timetable for the night, including a host of speakers from different government and police departments


Mr Khan told attendees there was a growing threat from the far-Right that was “not simply a passing trend or confined to a few deranged individuals”. Mosque security specialists, Faith Associates, highlighted measures that could mitigate terror and hate attacks.

Chief Inspector Nick Stanley outlined the threat, while Superintendent Waheed Khan and Detective Inspector Kamal Patel talked about hate crime.

Speaking ahead of the conference, the Mayor said: “Understandably, many Muslims in London and across the world are not only mourning the victims but also worried what this means for their own safety.

CEO of CST David spoke to the Mosque leaders on how the Jewish community tackles anti-semetic sentiments and attacks, and how the Muslim community can protect their congregations using similar manners.


The Mayor said,

“I want to reassure our Muslim community at this time. Experts including the Met police will provide advice to London mosque leaders in how to build secure capacity, share best practice and improve safety and security.” Home Secretary Sajid Javid has announced a doubling of the annual places of worship security fund to £1.6 million to reassure “anxious” faith groups, adding: “Our focus will be on helping those vulnerable to hate-fuelled attacks.”

Thank you to everyone that attended, and for more information on how you can keep your Mosque and congregation safe, please visit  

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