The Inaugural British Beacon Mosques Awards 2018

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On the 8th September 2018, Faith Associates through its Beacon Mosuqe Project launched the UK’s first Mosque Awards Ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Paddington which was attended by over 200 Mosque reps from across the UK.

This British Beacon Mosque Awards, opened nominations for Mosques on 10 different categories:

  • Best Run Mosque
  • Best Youth Service
  • Best Madrassah Service
  • Best Elderly Service
  • Best Outreach Programme
  • Best Womens Service
  • Most Impactful Imam
  • Best Green Initiative
  • Best Charity Project
  • Best Innovative Service

We received over 200 Mosque nominations from the public from across the country demonstrating good initiatives. From these nominations, indepedent judges shortlisted Mosques in each category and selected a winner based on evidence submitted by the Mosques. The panel of judges are below.

The British Beacon Mosque Awards is a first of its kind globally, the Awards ceremony was all about rewarding and celebrating the great achievements of our Mosques in the hope to inspire more great work that will only benefit future generations.

The Awards ceremony was a great success, with Mosques networking with one another throughout the night, sharing best practices and supporting one another in the celebration of excellence. We had 10 awardees who did a brilliant job speaking about each category they were awarding.

Shaukat Warraich, Faith Associates CEO said “Tonight was about recognising and rewarding the institutions going above and beyond in providing services to both their congregations, and the wider community, exercising an inclusive open door policy.

The 2018 British Beacon Mosque Awards were supported by MINAB, its Chairman, Imam Qari Asim praised the BBMAs, stating; “Faith Associates through the Beacon Mosques project has done a fantastic job in giving British Muslims an opportunity to not only recognise and celebrate ‘Beacon Mosques but also to show how important it is to have Mosques which are more engaging, inclusive, vibrant and well organised”.

Kite Mark of Quality for Mosques 
The 2018 British Beacon Mosque Awards also saw the official presentation of the first three accredited Mosques in the UK. The foundation of a Beacon Mosque lies on 10 global standards, which when met, form the policy, management and governance infrastructure to ensure sustainable, inclusive and forward looking faith based institutions.
Al Manaar Mosque and Al Madina Mosque are the first recognised 5 Star rated Beacon mosques in the UK. Alongside these two Masjids, Melvana Rumi Mosque was officially awarded 4 Star accreditation rating; rewarding their efforts and recognising them as true beacon institutions.
220 Mosque representatives attending the Inaugural 2018 British Beacon Mosque Awards
Al Manaar (MCHC) winning Best Run Mosque, as well as receiving their 5 star accreditation plaque
Al Madina Mosque wins the Best Youth Service as well as their 5 star Accreditation plaque.
Rumi Mosque winning Best Charity Project 2018 – alongside awardee, Shaykh Sulaimaan Ravat
Khizra Masjid winning Best Womens Service 2018 alongside awardee, Naz Shah MP.
Finsbury Park Mosque winning Best Outreach Programme, photo alongside Lancashire Council of Mosques.
Hayes Muslim Centre winning Best Elderly Service 2018 alongside Awardee, Saleeha Islam.
Rumi Mosque winning Best Madrassah Service 2018 alongside awardee, Adam Kelwick.
Imam Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo from Wessex Jamaat winning the Most Impactful Imam award 2018 alongside awardee Imam Qari Asim.
Green Team from Sultan Bahu Trust winning Best Green Initiative 2018
Madina Institute winners of the ‘Best Innovation Service’ 2018 & shortlisted for Best Run Mosque
 The only Scottish representation, Dunfermline mosque, shortlisted for Best Outreach Programme.
Palmers Green Mosque were shortlisted for Best Green Initiative
Wirral Deen Centre were shortlisted for Best Innovative Service
Shaykh Ramzy and Shaykh Haniff at the Beacon Mosque Awards 2018
Docklands Community Trust were nominated for Best Women’s Service
Canterbery Mosque were shortlisted for Most Impactful Imam 2018.

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