DfE sets out way forward for regulating out of school education

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Faith Associates is pleased to see that the Department for Education has published their long awaited report (https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/out-of-school-education-settings-registration-and-inspection) this week analysing the responses from the call for evidence, which ran from 26th November 2015 to 11th  January 2016, seeking views on the proposed system for registering and inspecting out-of-school education. According to the report and following the consultation the suggested proposal have now been abandoned to encourage out-of-school settings to register with councils. 

In the‘Next Steps’ section the report says the Government intends to consult on a voluntary code of practice to “set out clear standards for providers”, later in 2018 and outlines some pilot and best practice sharing activities with some local authorities and develop an ‘evidence base’.

We look forward to the opportunity of sharing the practical experience gained from implementing the UK National Madrassah Quality Standards Frameworks, see www.madrassah.co.uk/standards/

The baseline MIZAN (Bronze level) Quality framework has been implemented into some of the UK’s most active Madrassah’s (Quran teaching Classes) to great effect.

The Government received some 3,000 responses with over 2,200 saying they did not agree out-of-school settings should have to register with their local authority. This was considered by many as the equivalent of “state regulation of religion”. An equal number said they would prefer concerns to be investigated by police or the local council. Faith Associates appreciates the Governments acknowledgment of the positive and constitutive work being done in this sector and its willingness to invest in building a safe and nurturing environment for our youth in the out of school sector.  

Faith Associates again looks forward to showcasing the positive safeguarding approaches and training being delivered in partnership with local authorities in the pursuit of protecting our youth and vulnerable in British faith based institutions whom are providing such value education and support in out of school sector.

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