Mosque Security and Safety Tips

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Mosque Security & Safety Tips

The Mosque Security & Safety Tips has been developed by Faith Associates to aid Management Committees in protecting the sacred institution. The Mosque as a institution is the central body of the Islamic community. Maintaining the Mosque’s safety and ensuring its protection is one of the most important things for a management committee.

The information provided in the document has be collated by Faith Associates in consultation with nation Mosque councils and The NAMP. This information leaflet will be distributed to all the Mosques, Madrassahs (After School supplementary school/Quranic schools) and Islamic centers in the UK.

Why is Mosque Security so important?

Since the killing of Lee Rigby in 2013, we have seen the steady rise in anti-Muslim sentiment and increases in targeted attacks on Mosques across the UK.

Due to the prominence of Mosques and Islamic Centres within communities, they are facing the challenge of rising Islamophobia and risk being the victim of hate crimes.

In order to try and mitigate the harm caused by hate crime and to give Mosques and Islamic Centres the tools to stay prepared to deal with an issue, the team at Faith Associates has produced this security booklet which outlines 10 key points on how to most effectively ensure the security of Mosques.

Supporters of the Mosque & Madrassah Security and Safety Tips:

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