Mosque management, governance and leadership training

Mosque management, governance training and support – Building Standards

The Faith Associates team have frequented many mosques up and down the UK and abroad for the best period of three decades in the capacity as worshipers, managers and, teachers. It is clear that there is a necessity for the Mosque to serve the multiple needs of people of faith and Non Muslim community in the UK through innovative and engaging strategies that can make a real difference.

It is Faith Associates view that the mosque is uniquely positioned in British society to offer solutions to real challenges in many areas where Muslims and Non Muslims live, in particular areas where there is deprivation, poor cohesion and underachievement, the mosque is potentially a credible and sizable institution that can really engage with the community. The mosque could and should tackle some of the social exclusion and integration issues currently besetting the very communities the mosques were established for.

The purpose of this training, support and advice is to help foster better governance, increase the quality of the services on offer and to start the process of encouraging a greater vision and insight to what the future 21st century mosque in Britain and around the world could potentially look like.

Faith Associates can provide the following training advice and support

Service 1 – Group Mosque Management and Governance Training

2 day Mosque Management leadership and Governance training.

Targeted training for Mosque Trustee, leaders and Managers (Men, Women and Youth) Imams and Volunteers.
Delivered by Mosque Management Experts and authors of the Mosque Management Toolkit and

Topics Covered
• Strategic leadership
• Finance
• Safeguarding (L1 & 2 CP Trained experts)
• Recruitment and selection
• Elections
• Facilities Management
• 7 other Topics

This course has been delivered to over 1000 leaders in the UK, call now for more information


Service 2 – Mosque Health Check with a report of findings

• Face to Face dialogue with Mosque leadership and management
• 100 Point Mosque Audit
• Confidential report and feedback

2 Days

Service 3 – Operations & Needs Analysis with a report of findings and verbal debrief

• Face to Face dialogue with Mosque leadership and management
• 100 Point Mosque Audit
• Advice on Constitution, Environmental Impact, Financial Management, Building Usage/Design
• Sustainability, Risk Assessment, Planning Matter,
• Confidential report and feedback/Presentation
• Jummah Review and facilities and logistic audit

5-6 Days

Service 4 – Mosque Compliance Overview (health & safety)

• A comprehensive inspection to examine thoroughly your Mosque or Madrassah and existing arrangements for health & safety – this will give us an idea of what, if anything, is needed to achieve legal compliance
• We’ll submit a report outlining the findings with our recommendations of any actions required – helping to form your health & safety plan

1 Day

Service 5 – Mosques and Madrassah Child Protection Policy and CRB checks service

Level 1 Safeguarding training tailored to Mosque and Madrassah Imams, Madrassah teachers and Mosque leaders for more information

See : Faith Associates Safeguarding training delivered by qualified Child Protection trainer

Service 6 – Mosque Election/Selection/Commissioner

• Designing and conducting Mosque and Islamic centre elections
• Designing of the Ballet
• Verification and selection of election support staff
• Sustainability, Risk Assessment, Planning Matter,
• Counting and declaring resulting
• Supporting in developing constitution



Service 7 – Developing Mosque and Madrassah policies and procedures

• Develop, design and amend existing policies and procedures
• Work with leadership, employees and worshipers to design governance procedures
• Train and implement developed policies and procedures
• Maintain and amend Faith Associates developed policies and procedures




Service 8 – University and College Mosque management

Campus Mosque management and governance training and support. Supporting local and international students better manager their prayer spaces. Working with Islamic societies and NUS to support students on Campus and beyond.

Service 9 – Supporting Women in Mosque Management and service delivery

Training programme exclusive for women, supporting their aspiration to help Mosques and Islamic Centres to deliver effective services from the platform of the Mosque.