Mosque Design, Planning & Development (Complete Turn Key Solution)

Building A Mosque from Aspiration to Actualization, Full Turnkey Build Solution

Communities undertaking a Mosque Building project with a tight budget and would like assistance in the build process, then a Full Turnkey Build (FTS) solution may be the way forward.

Faith Associates are able to offer a fixed price Full Turnkey package service. This offers you a single point of contact from the design stage through to the completion of your Mosque. This design and build solution involves us taking your dream and turning it into reality. We will look after your interests from start to finish and ensure that the build runs smoothly, on time and to budget.

As the client, you will be fully informed at every stage so that you always have a complete understanding of the progress of your project.

We will guide you through the decision making the process for each phase of the build until we hand over the keys to your completed Mosque. With the Full Turnkey Solution (FTS) package Faith Associates could potentially organise and manage the following:


  1. Understanding your communities needs
  2. Developing a business plan
  3. Developing a case for the Mosque to share with council and communities
  4. Understanding the cost of developing the project
  5. Fundraising
  6. Liaison with local authority building inspectors
  7. Warranty providers and insurers
  8. Sub-contractors and suppliers
  9. Site preparation
  10. Construction planning
  11. Interior design and suppliers
  12. Audio and Visual system
  13. Signage
  14. Landscaping
  15. Security and training
  16. Sustainability planning
  17. Leadership development
  18. Operations training


Pricing for the services is dependent on the nature of the project and requirements of the community at the time of engagement. We can also help you with just individual aspects of your project when the need arises.