1 Day Mosque Management & Governance Master Class Training

Faith Associates - Mosque Management 1 DAT Training

1 Day – Mosque Management Master class training, covers elements of essential management and leadership techniques and approaches required to run a Mosque/Islamic centre within the legal/civic & Islamically effective frameworks,  the following topics are addressed in workshops and presentations from Mosque Management and legal compliance experts:

  • Trustees rights and responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safe Fundraising
  • Strategic vision
  • Policies and Procedures and Safeguarding.

Make Your Mosque Compliant & Have A 5 Star Rating

Training Content

The training will cover the below topics: 

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Management Committee Members booklet
  • Imam Job Advert Workshop
  • Mosque and Madrassah Quarterly
  • Building Islamic Faith Leaders workshop
  • 9 Core Critical Success Indicators
  • Mosque Hierarchy and Structure worksheet
  • Recruitment Policy Booklet
  • Complaints and Grievances Procedure Booket
  • Mosque Volunteer Policy Guidelines
  • National Association of Madrassah’s Brochure
  • Imams Online Brochure
  • Safe Giving Zakat Infographic

Aims of Training

The purpose of this training, support and advice is to help foster better governance, increase the quality of the services on offer and to start the process of encouraging best practice in British, and international Mosques.

What it includes

There is 9 hours of bespoke training dedicated to one to one issues and private consultations. Post training support is also provided. Any problems you may run into, our dedicated team is ready to help.

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I offer my gratitude to Faith Associates for their tireless but steadfast work and their continuous support and cooperation. The Beacon Mosque Project was a team effort and and together with FA we have achieved the success of gaining a star standard. Without their extended support and guidance we wouldn’t probably would not able succeed this achievement and be able to strive for excellence in our services, gaining the status we have today.

Mevlana Rumi Mosque
Manager of Mosque , Mevlana Rumi Mosque

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