Updated: Advice and Tips for Mosques on dealing with Coronavirus 2020

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Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults

New Initiative Launched – Ghusal / Burial Volunteers Needed Across The UK for COVID19 Deaths

Post Updated on 05/04/2020


Mosque Security Guidance for Mosques During Lockdown

Post Updated on 26/03/2020

Imams Online Guidance & Advice

Post Updated on 25/03/2020

National Conference Call With National Burial Council on Guidance Related to Burials from COVID-19

Post Updated on 02/04/2020

New advice for safe funerals after discussions with faith leaders 

Guidance for care of the deceased with suspected or confirmed COVID19

What Mosque Trustees Need To Think About

Post Updated on 25/03/2020

UK Council of Mosques & Institutions Statements on Mosque closures following Government advice

Post Updated on 21/03/2020

Government Advises Against Mass Gatherings – Mosques Closures Escalating

Post Updated on 16/03/2020

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock MP, has stated in Parliament that faith groups and places of worship are part of the national advise to stop mass gatherings – Faith Associates is liaising with our partners in the various UK Council of Mosques to discuss next steps.

Faith Associates alongside UK Council of Mosques call for Mosques to go Digital & Optimise their online presence

Poster Updated 18/03/2020

Post Released 13/03/2020

Planning ahead of Ramadan 2020 – Advice and Guidance

Post Updated on 12/03/2020


At present, with Ramadan just over a month away, there has been no confirmed plans on restricting gatherings. However, on the morning of the 9th March 2020, there was a Cobra Meeting that was held to discuss banning gatherings at football matches, events and church halls (that would effect Mosques and other places of worship).

It was confirmed that the decision to ban public gatherings had been delayed and was not taken as the UK currently remain in ‘containment’ phase. 

With Ramadan around the corner, it is imperative that Mosques (we are talking and liaising with various council of Mosques in the UK) plan for such a situation and understand how it might work in practice.

The advice regarding fasting should follow similar religious rulings to other type of illnesses. The situation and landscape of COVID-19 is changing everyday, we are likely to have a better understand as Ramadan gets closer – but nothing can be ruled out and Mosque leaders should be alert and aware of this possibility.



Faith Associates and Beacon Mosque have published advice to Mosques and Islamic Centres on practical steps to reduce the risk of Coronavirus.

Post Updated on 3/03/2020

UK Councils of Mosques have come together to support the guidance

Mosques and Imams in our networks across the globe reached out for set guide and visuals to send to congregations and members.

This short guidance recommends incorporating simple precautions into worship services and busy areas, especially during Friday prayers and events.

The situation will be kept under close review and updates will be made accordingly.

Shaukat Warraich, CEO of Faith Associates said; “We pray for those affected by the Coronavirus here and around the world. Fortunately, the virus here in the UK is stable and at present, the risk is ‘moderate’ with precautions and steps in place.

There are some important steps for Mosques and Islamic institutions to take, much of this is mainly hygiene based – washing hands, providing tissues and hand towels, extra cleaning of prayer mats..”

The UK Council of Mosques that are supporting this initiative alongside Faith Associates:

Other Community Groups Advice & Guidance

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